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Spring Cleaning 101

Spring is here along with warm weather! Have you done any spring cleaning yet?

If not don’t fear! Here are some useful tips to start your cleaning process!


  1. Accept that it is time to tidy up. (This helps the thought of cleaning/ organizing a little less stressful.)

2. Start cleaning from the back of the house. (This old saying is meant to clean out the house, not into the house.)

3. Have your cleaning/organizing supplies ready. (Isn’t great to have something ready when you need it?)

4. Organization (Organizing items by season/color/drawer ect.. will help you stay focused and neat!)

5. Take a short break if needed. (After hours of cleaning/ organizing, one’s mind and muscles may grow tired. Have a light snack and refreshment to refuel for 15-30 minutes)


Look at the difference. You did it! Wasn’t so bad, right?!

We hope these tips were helpful! Happy spring cleaning everyone!

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Posted by: MonGroup Properties on March 31, 2016
Posted in: General Interests